What names mean answered prayer?

What name means God has heard?

In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jadon is: Jehovah has heard. A Biblical name. The meaning of the name “Jadyn” is: “God has Heard”.

What name has the meaning miracle?

Eijaz is a popular Arabic name that means “miracle.” We love how strong and elegant it sounds. If you like a biblical name, Aaron might be your perfect match. Aaron was Moses’s older brother, who was the keeper by God’s command. It means “miraculous.”

What name means unexpected blessing?

The name Chance, for example, has connotations of unexpected good fortune, making it a cute choice for a surprise blessing. The girls name Epiphany refers to a sudden revelation.

What does Zaya mean in Arabic?

Zaya is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is “Hope – Faith”.

What names mean chosen one?

Electa (Old English origin), one of the best baby names meaning “the chosen one”.

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