What is the biblical meaning of reveal?

What is revelation according to the Bible?

Revelation is an apocalyptic prophecy with an epistolary introduction addressed to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia. “Apocalypse” means the revealing of divine mysteries; John is to write down what is revealed (what he sees in his vision) and send it to the seven churches.

What is an example of Reveal?

The definition of reveal is to show, disclose or admit something. An example of reveal is a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. An example of reveal is a magician showing the audience how she pulled a rabbit of her hat.

What is revealed a secret?

to make known; disclose; divulge: to reveal a secret. to lay open to view; display; exhibit.

What does the word reveal in the passage refer to?

‘Reveal’ means to tell, show or disclose something to others that they do not know about.

What is the main message of the Book of revelation?

Under these conditions, a Christian named John wrote Revelation, addressing it to the seven churches that were in Asia Minor. The purpose of the book was to strengthen the faith of the members of these churches by giving to them the assurance that deliverance from the evil powers arrayed against them was close at hand.

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How does God give revelation?

God often gives revelation by sight, or a feeling, etc., and so for the new Christian, saying that revelation is a “word” might make it seem that revelation from God is supposed to be something that can be heard, which is not the case.

What is a good sentence for reveal?

The expression on his face revealed how he felt. The curtain was lifted to reveal the grand prize. Pulling up the carpeting revealed the home’s beautiful hardwood floors. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘reveal.

What is a sentence for reveal?

Reveal sentence example. His door flew open to reveal a huge, furry monster with fangs. The zipper opened in one motion to reveal the lighted face of Fred O’Connor. It was almost as if he were shutting Felipa off before she could reveal something.

What do we mean by revealing?

: allowing a look at or an understanding of something inner or hidden a revealing confession also : tending to expose more typically hidden parts of the body a revealing halter top. Other Words from revealing Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About revealing.

How do you reveal something?

Reveal, disclose, divulge share the meaning of making known something previously concealed or secret. To reveal is to uncover as if by drawing away a veil: The fog lifted and revealed the harbor. To disclose is to lay open and thereby invite inspection: to disclose the plans of an organization.

What does it mean to revel in?

: to enjoy (something) very much She reveled in her success.

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