What does WB Yeats pray for in a prayer for my daughter?

What does WB Yeats wish for his daughter in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

Because he does not want his daughter to be too beautiful, the speaker wishes instead for her to be “chiefly learned” in “courtesy,” stating that the hearts of others can be won through “glad kindness.” He wishes his daughter to be a “flourishing hidden tree” who might be “rooted in one dear perpetual place,” someone …

What does horn of plenty mean in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

The bellows’ full of opinions and pride took away her ‘horn of plenty’. Through this symbol,’poet wishes that his daughter should also possess ‘horn of plenty’ which will not only catty beauty but also kindness and modesty. … Hatred is termed as the most evil quality by the poet.

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What is the reason for Yeats prayer?

In the poem, a speaker (usually read as Yeats himself) prays about the type of woman he hopes his daughter will become and the kind of life he hopes she will have. At its core, the poem expresses a father’s heartfelt wishes for his newborn daughter.

Why does the speaker pray for the infant in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

In this poem, Yeats’s speaker is considering the various qualities he would like his infant daughter to possess, for her sake. He wants her to be a woman capable of supporting herself in the world;…

What is Yeats final wish for his daughter?

The poets last wish is that his daughter should marry a person of aristocratic family who may take her to a home where tradition and ceremony fill the atmosphere.In the end,the poem in a prayer for order and grace in a battered civilization.

What does the poet wish for his daughter?

Ans: Poet’s wish that his daughter should be of flourishing tree indicates that he wants his daughter to be rooted in traditions. She should grow and flourish in virtue and modesty.

What are the symbols used in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

The poet uses symbols such as “sea wind” and “flooded stream” which denote turbulent forces at work. Alliteration is present in the phrase “be granted beauty.”

HOW DOES A Prayer for My Daughter reveal a Fathers concern for his daughter?

Yeats’s “A Prayer for My Daughter” does indeed show the concern of a father for his daughter, but in rather conventional terms. … In an atmosphere of such violent revolutionary flux, he wants his daughter to be part of that solid foundation which he’s come to believe is Ireland’s only true hope.

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What is meant by the line may she became a flourishing hidden tree explain?

“May she become flourishing hidden tree” signifies the poet’s desires for his beloved daughter, Anne. Yeats hopes that his daughter will grow up to embody eternal virtues. She would stay “hidden” meaning that she would not open up like Maud Gonne. The given line is an example of symbolism.

What is the main theme of the poem A Prayer for My Daughter by WB Yeats?

The poem ‘A Prayer for my Daughter’ portrays the theme of love and anxiety of a father, who has been blessed with a daughter. It also presents the poet’s hopes for his daughter and his expectation of her becoming a very beautiful woman, blessed with the attributes of a virtuous soul.

In what ways does Yeats show aspects of modernist writing in his poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

He begins with “for an hour I have walked and prayed,” progresses to lamenting the beauty that may “Lose natural kindness,” then claims that for his daughter, “In courtesy I’d have her chiefly learned” because “hearts are earned.” Yeats concludes by focusing on the birth of “innocence and beauty.”

What is the message of the poem The Second Coming?

Yet for all its metaphorical complexity, “The Second Coming” actually has a relatively simple message: it basically predicts that time is up for humanity, and that civilization as we know it is about to be undone. Yeats wrote this poem right after World War I, a global catastrophe that killed millions of people.

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