What does the phrase church it up mean?

What does it mean to church something?

churched; churching; churches. Definition of church (Entry 3 of 4) transitive verb. : to bring to church to receive one of its rites.

What is Churching someone?

the act of bringing someone, esp a woman after childbirth, to church for special ceremonies.

What does churched out mean?

It’s mean you’ve gone to church too much!

I agree, it means you’ve gone to church too much or you’ve spent too much time at church. It’s a play on a phrase like “I’m tired out,” “I’m tuckered out,” using church as a verb.

What does church mean in breaking bad?

A church hosted the substance abuse support group meetings that Jesse Pinkman, Badger, Skinny Pete and Andrea Cantillo attended. The Group Leader, was drawn to help others after his own alcoholism and cocaine addiction led to him accidentally killing his daughter.

What does it mean to chore something?

A chore is a duty or task you’re obligated to perform, often one that is unpleasant but necessary. Washing the dishes is a chore, and so is completing a homework assignment you aren’t excited about.

Why did queens go into confinement?

However, if a queen gave birth, well that was a public matter as she could be giving birth to the next heir. … Before this, an elaborate service was held where the Church would ask God for his blessing for the birth. After the service and the prayers from the clergy, the queen went into her private rooms.

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What does Chuuuch mean?

Chuuch is just an old school way of saying “Amen” “CHUUCH”. The word came from Chicago’s Own – MINISTER SEAMORE – But it is mainly used in place of “So It Is”.

What does the desert symbolize in breaking bad?

The Western desert resonates within the American cultural imagination as the home of the mythical frontier with its masculine values of rugged individualism, self-reliance and freedom. Breaking Bad uses this archetypal imagery to reflect Walt’s single minded pursuit of these ideals throughout the series.