What does the book of Matthew say about Jesus birth?

What verse does Matthew talk about Jesus birth?

Matthew 2:9 is the ninth verse of the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. King Herod has dispatched the magi to Bethlehem to find the infant Jesus. In this verse they follow the Star of Bethlehem to find the infant.

Which Gospel does not mention Jesus birth?

Luke starts the story by foretelling the birth of John the Baptist, and the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah, and then moves into the birth of Jesus, including the shepherds and the angels. Mark and John don’t mention the birth of Jesus at all.

What happens in Matthew’s birth narrative?

In Matthew’s narrative, Jesus’ birth is detected by foreign priests, the magi; in Luke it is lowly Jewish shepherds who first learn the news. In Matthew’s narrative, King Herod in Jerusalem hunts throughout the region for the infant Jesus to kill him.

Where is the Christmas story in the Bible Matthew?

The New Testament contains two Christmas stories, not one. They appear in Matthew 1–2 and Luke 1–2. They have some points in common. But there are many differences in their characters, plot, messages, and tone.

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What is the message of Matthew 1/18 25 gospel?

The message of Matthew 1:18-25 continues to have relevance for the church today, especially during the Advent season. In a society that too often tends to see Jesus as “very man” at the expense of “very God,” this text serves to remind us that the origins of Jesus lie in God.

What is the meaning of Matthew 2 10?

Matthew 2:10 is the tenth verse of the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. The magi, dispatched by King Herod, have been shown the location of the infant Jesus by the Star of Bethlehem. In this verse they react to this.

Is the birth of Jesus in all four gospels?

Only two of the four gospels in the Bible discuss Jesus’s birth. Luke recounts the story of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, the couple’s journey to Bethlehem because of a census and the visit of the shepherds.

What is the difference between Matthew and Luke?

The difference between Luke and Matthew’s birth accounts is that Luke’s birth account is depicted through Mary’s eyes, and Matthew’s account gives details of Joseph. … Matthew’s gospel is the longest gospel with 28 chapters. It is the first book in the New Testament. Matthew shows Jesus as a messiah of Jewish people.

What is the purpose of Matthew’s infancy narrative?

Matthew five times in the Infancy Narratives to help make the connection in the reader’s mind that Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament. St. Luke gives the reader a sense of who Mary is as a person.

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What is the main message of the infancy narrative in Matthew’s Gospel?

This theme is continued later in the Gospel as Jesus says, “Blessed are you who are poor, for the kingdom of God is yours” (Luke 6:20). In Matthew’s Gospel, the infancy narrative anticipates the importance of the Gentiles in God’s plan of salvation. It is not Jews who first pay homage to the newborn Jesus.

What is a birth narrative?

Birth stories are personal narratives grounded in the pivotal life experience of giving birth. … Providing women with the opportunity to share their birth stories is an important nursing intervention.