What did Jesus say when he appeared to the disciples?

How does Jesus appear to the disciples?

Jesus appears at the empty tomb to Mary Magdalene (who initially fails to recognize him), then to the disciples minus Thomas, then to all the disciples including Thomas (the “doubting Thomas” episode), finishing with an extended appearance in Galilee to Peter and six (not all) of the disciples.

What is the greetings of Jesus to his disciples when he appeared to them in a room with a locked door?

The disciples were still behind locked doors when Jesus appeared among them as he had before and gave the same greeting, “Peace be with you!“NIV But this time he spoke directly to Thomas, supernaturally knowing of Thomas’s doubt and what he needed in order to be convinced.

Why did Jesus appear to disciples after resurrection?

He wanted to tell them about the coming of the Holy spirit/wait for the Holy Spirit. In order to confirm to them the Old Testament prophesies had been fulfilled. He wanted to confirm to them that he alive/had power over death.

Why were the disciples in a locked room?

They were sheltered-in-place and doing the safest thing they could: staying home. Their whole world had been turned upside down in a matter of days. Confused and afraid, they sought refuge in the place where they felt safe: a warm and welcoming home. …

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