Was Robert Powell affected by playing Jesus?

Did Robert Powell believe in Jesus?

However, Powell has cried out in the social media that he is not Jesus and that people should stop worshiping him. Rather, they should respect the true Jesus and worship God.

How did Robert Powell not blink in Jesus of Nazareth?

Because Robert Powell looked so much like Jesus in pictures, every time he exited his dressing room in costume, the foul language the crew was using would suddenly stop. Rarely during the movie do any of the actors portraying Jesus blink their eyes.

What happened to the actor who played Jesus?

Caviezel portrayed Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Passion of the Christ. During filming, he was struck by lightning, accidentally scourged, had his shoulder dislocated, and suffered from pneumonia and hypothermia.

Did Robert Powell win an award for Jesus of Nazareth?

Who played the best Jesus?

List of actors who have played Jesus

Actor(s) Movie Director(s)
Ted Neeley Jesus Christ Superstar Norman Jewison
Murali Das Jesus P. A. Thomas
Murali Thomasleeha P. A. Thomas
Robert Powell Jesus of Nazareth Franco Zeffirelli

What role did Peter Ustinov play in the 1977 TV mini series Jesus of Nazareth?

In the title role, Robert Powell heads a huge international cast, which includes Olivia Hussey as Mary, Peter Ustinov as Herod the Great, Christopher Plummer as Herod Antipas, Michael York as John the Baptist, James Farentino as Simon Peter, Donald Pleasence as Melchior, James Earl Jones as Balthazar, Ian McShane as …

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Is Robert Powell still working?

Powell has been nominated for a BAFTA Award and won a Best Actor Award from the Venice Film Festival.

Robert Powell
Born 1 June 1944 Salford, Lancashire, England
Alma mater University of Manchester
Occupation Actor
Years active 1966–present