Quick Answer: What is a baptistery in a church?

What does the word baptistery mean?

: a part of a church or formerly a separate building used for baptism.

What is the difference between Baptistry and baptistery?

is that baptistery is while baptistry is (christianity) a designated space within a church, or a separate room or building associated with a church, where a baptismal font is located, and consequently, where the sacrament of christian baptism (via aspersion or affusion) is performed.

Why was the baptistery in a separate building?

In the most representative cases, the baptistery was separate from the church (in the early centuries of the Christian era, newborns, who were not yet baptized, were not admitted to liturgical celebrations in places of worship, hence the origin of the separation of the two structures) yet placed beside or in front of …

Is Baptistry a word?

noun, plural bap·tist·ries. a building or a part of a church in which baptism is administered.

What is the function of a baptistery?

baptistery băp´tĭstrē [key], part of a church, or a separate building in connection with it, used for administering baptism. In the earliest examples it was merely a basin or pool set into the floor. Later, the Christian Church set aside a separate structure for the ceremony.

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