Question: Why do you think the disciples dropped everything to follow Jesus?

How did the disciples decide to follow Jesus?

They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him. … In all Gospel accounts, this episode takes place after the Baptism of Jesus.

What is asked of us if we want to follow Jesus?

And to each of us Jesus says, “If any man serve me, let him follow me” (John 12:26). The Lord’s invitation to follow him is individual and personal, and it is compelling. We cannot stand forever between two opinions.

Why did people follow Jesus?

Why Do People Follow Jesus? They follow Him Because Of What He Can Do For Them (Verses 7-12). They follow Him Because He Has Called Them (verses 13-19). They follow Him Because They Want To Discredit Him (verses 20-30).

What are the benefits of following Jesus?

What are the benefits of following Jesus?

  • He forgives your sins and offers you eternal life.
  • He redeems your life from the pit, crowns you with love and compassion, and restores your soul.
  • He satisfies your desires with good things (His blessings are tailor-made for you)
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What is the true meaning of disciple?

Webster’s definition of a disciple is “a pupil or follower of any teacher or school.”[i] A true disciple is not just a student or a learner, but a follower: one who applies what he has learned. Thus, a true disciple will ask, “What would Jesus do?”

What is the difference between a follower and a disciple?

As nouns the difference between follower and disciple

is that follower is (literally) one who follows, comes after another while disciple is a person who learns from another, especially one who then teaches others.

How do I follow the Lord?

God sees you, He hears you, and He answers your prayers.

Following God’s Plan for Your Life:

  1. Be in prayer. A way to know that you are following God’s plan for your life is by being in prayer. …
  2. Be actively reading in the Word. …
  3. Follow the commands He puts on your heart. …
  4. Seek a godly community. …
  5. Obey the Truth.