Is Michael Barnes a Christian?

Is the band Mae Christian?

According to Elkins in a 2003 interview, while the band members are Christians, Mae is not a “Christian band”. On September 24, 2007 Padgett and Sweitzer parted ways with Mae The two replacement members for touring are 20-year-old Josiah Schlater on bass and Robert Smith on keyboards.

Is the undertaking a Christian band?

We worked super hard and did it all ourselves. Despite not wanting to be labeled as a Christian band, you are (personally) a Christian and have a heart for your faith. I think people will really enjoy that aspect of your music.

Is Norma Jean band Christian?

“I can’t say that we’re a full-on Christian band. I’m a Christian. I can speak for myself, but that’s all I can speak for. I will say that I personally prefer not to play Christian festivals, but at the end of the day, it’s a choice between playing a show and having a day off.

What RED band means?

Red-band trailers are basically R-rated movie trailers. They’re designed for mature audiences, and they contain more sex, violence, swear words, and emotionally charged scenes than the “green band” versions that are approved for all audiences.

Is Mae an emo?

The band’s name is an acronym for “Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience”, based on a course taken by drummer Jacob Marshall while a student at Old Dominion University.

Origin Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Indie rock, emo
Years active 2001–2010, 2013–present
Labels Tooth & Nail, Capitol, Cell, Spartan
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