Is it okay to write in your Bible Catholic?

Is it OK to write in your Bible Catholic?

There is nothing inherently wrong about writing in your Bible. The most important thing is if it helps you grow closer to God.

Is there a Catholic word in the Bible?

Even though these words are not found in the Bible, does not mean that they either don’t exist or shouldn’t exist. The term “Catholic” was derived from the Greek word καθολικός (katholikos), which means “universal” or “general”, was also used to describe the Church in the early 2nd century.

Is it OK to Bible journal?

If you write, doodle, color, draw pictures, tape tons of extra things in your Bible to the point of it being unreadable and/or just for looks, then I recommend that you stop Bible journaling.

What is the Hebrew word for Catholic?

Translation of “catholic” in Hebrew. Adjective. Noun. קתולי הקתולי הקתוליים הקתוליות לקתולי

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