Is County Down Catholic or Protestant?

Which part of Belfast is in County Down?

The townlands of Belfast are the oldest surviving land divisions in the city. The city’s townlands are split between the two traditional counties by the River Lagan, with those townlands north of the river generally in County Antrim, while those on the southern bank are generally part of County Down.

Which areas of Northern Ireland are Catholic?

List of districts in Northern Ireland by religion or religion brought up in

District Catholic Protestant and other Christian
Antrim and Newtownabbey 29.7% 61.1%
Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon 43.0% 51.7%
Belfast 40% 49.5%
Causeway Coast and Glens 40.2% 54.8%

Where do most Protestants live in Northern Ireland?

About 30% of Ulster Protestants live in the three counties of Ulster now in the Republic of Ireland, Cavan, Monaghan, and Donegal, where they make up around a fifth of the Republic’s Protestant population.

Is East Belfast Catholic or Protestant?

West Belfast remains the centre of the city’s Catholic population (in contrast with the east of the city which remains predominantly Protestant).

Is County Down Catholic or Protestant?

It was one of two counties of Northern Ireland to have a Protestant majority at the 2001 census. The other Protestant majority County is County Antrim to the north.

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Is Comber Catholic or Protestant?

6.50% belong to or were brought up in the Catholic religion and 83.80% belong to or were brought up in a ‘Protestant and Other Christian (including Christian related)’ religion; and.

Is Kilkeel Catholic or Protestant?

Religion. The town of Kilkeel has a strong Unionist heritage. In 2001, the ward of Kilkeel Central was recorded as 69% Protestant (21% Catholic, 10% other), and the ward of Kilkeel South was 37% Protestant (55% Catholic, 7% other).

Is East Belfast in Antrim or Down?

Best grew up on the Cregagh Road in east Belfast, a city that is predominantly in County Antrim, but straddles the Lagan and the border with neighbouring Down.

Is East Belfast County Down?

Down, former (until 1973) county, eastern Northern Ireland. It was bounded by Belfast Lough (inlet of the sea; north), the Irish Sea (east), Carlingford Lough (south), former County Armagh (west), and former County Antrim (northwest).