How much is tuition at Covington Catholic High School?

Is Covington Catholic coed?

It was founded in 1925 by Bishop Francis William Howard and Brother George Sauer, and is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington. The school is the only boys’ high school in Northern Kentucky and one of five in the Cincinnati area. The girls’ Notre Dame Academy is located across the street.

What happened to Covington Catholic High School?

The students received death threats and Covington Catholic High School temporarily closed due to fears for its students’ safety. … Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington student featured in most media coverage of the incident settled lawsuits with CNN and The Washington Post.

Did Covington Catholic win tonight?

On 9/24, the Covington Catholic varsity football team won their home conference game against Cooper (Union, KY) by a score of 31-24.

What state is Covington High School in?

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