How much does Midland Christian cost?

How much does Valley Christian cost?

Tuition Schedule

School Total Tuition + Deposit 11-Month Plan (July-May)
Grades 1-3 $17,054 $1,505
Grades 4-5 $18,051 $1,596
Grades 6-8 $23,105 $1,992
Grades 9-12 $26,533 $2,303

What size school is Midland Christian?

Midland Christian School is a private school located in Midland, TX, which is in a mid-size city setting. The student population of Midland Christian School is 1,197 and the school serves PK-12. The school’s minority student enrollment is 22% and the student-teacher ratio is 12:1.

How much does it cost to go to Mitty?


Direct Charges Freshman Senior
Student Activities $130.00 $130.00
Graduation Fee NA $165.00
Smart Tuition Fee $50.00 $50.00
TOTAL COST $23,690.00 $23,770.00

What is Harker tuition?

Harker School

The Harker School
Color(s) Green and White
Mascot Eagle
Tuition Upper School: $53,800 Middle School: $49,300 Lower School: $41,400 Preschool Full Day: $35,125
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