How many Catholics are in Indianapolis?

What percentage of Indianapolis is Catholic?

Roman Catholic (18%)

Indianapolis had its own share of Irish, Italian and other ethnic parishes.

How many Catholics are in Indianapolis?

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Archdiocese of Indianapolis Archidioecesis Indianapolitana
Ecclesiastical province Indianapolis
Area 13,815 sq mi (35,780 km2)
Population – Total – Catholics (including non-members) (as of 2010) 2,573,000 244,000 (9.5%)

What percent of Indiana is religious?

All states, ranked by …

1. Alabama 77%
22. Indiana 54%
22. Maryland 54%
22. Nebraska 54%
22. Wyoming 54%

Is Illinois Religious?

Christianity is the most prevalent religion in Illinois, with the major denominations being Roman Catholicism followed by Baptist. The state also has a relatively large and growing Muslim population, with smaller Jewish and Buddhist, and Hindu groups.

What religions are in Ohio?

About 20.45 percent identify as Catholic, 7.53 percent identify as Methodist, 15.72 percent identify as Lutheran, 2.27 percent identify as Presbyterian, 5.51 identify as Baptist, 1.43 percent identify as Pentecostal, 0.17 percent identify as Episcopalian and 9.64 percent identify as other Christian.

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