How do you cite a Catholic Church document?

How do you cite the Vatican document in turabian?

How to Cite Papal Documents in Turabian

  1. List the author, if there is one listed in the document, as last name, first name. If the author is the pope, list him by his papal name.
  2. Next, put in the title of the document. Italicize the title of the document. …
  3. List the place of publication, followed by a period.

How do you Harvard reference the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

Harvard (18th ed.)

CATHOLIC CHURCH. (1994). Catechism of the Catholic Church. Vatican City, Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

How do you cite Vatican II in APA?

Author. Title of Book. Location of publication: Publisher, year of publication. Vatican II Council.

How do you cite the Vatican in APA?

Information to be cited includes author, document, full publication date (month date, year), and database ( Again the full URL is not necessary since we are treating this as a document from a database without a stable URL.

How do you cite an encyclical in MLA?

MLA does not have a citation style for Encyclicals or other official Church documents. This is a commonly used format: Hard copy: Latin title (if applicable), English translation.

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How do you cite the Pope?


  1. Use Pope’s name as author in reference list, not including the title “Pope”.
  2. If directly quoting the text found online, use paragraph number (para.) in place of page number, e.g. (John Paul II, 2003, para. …
  3. The following are some common abbreviations for church documents:

How do you cite Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica?

Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica – The Summa Theologica of is cited by part (I, I-II, II-II, III), question, and article. For example, ST II-II, q. 23, a. 3, ad 1 means, the second part (half) of the second part, question twenty-three, article three, reply to the first objection.

How do you cite the Roman Missal?

MLA (7th ed.)

General Instruction of the Roman Missal. Washington, D.C: Office of Pub. Services, United States Catholic Conference, 1982. Print.

Who published the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Author: Catholic Church.
Publisher: Vatican City : Libreria Editrice Vaticana ; Washington, D.C. : [Distributed by] United States Catholic Conference, ©2000.
Series: Publication (United States Catholic Conference), no. 5-109.

How do you reference an encyclical?

To cite an encyclical, follow the MLA template of core elements. If using the version published on the Vatican’s website, begin with the name of the pope who wrote the letter, followed by the title of the letter specified on the website.

How do you cite a Bible source?

Title of the Bible, Version. Editor, Publisher, Year. The first time you cite the Bible in-text, include the name of the version of the Bible, followed by an abbreviation of the book, the chapter and verse(s). For subsequent references, simply include the book, chapter, and verse.

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