How can I become a prophet in Jannah?

How do you get to the highest level of Jannah?

How To Enter Jannatul Firdaus:

  1. The Righteous Will Enter Jannah. …
  2. Do Not Associate Partners, Give Charity, Keep Good Relations. …
  3. Become A Erudite (Seeker of Knowledge) …
  4. Visiting The Sick.

How do I strive for Jannah?

One of the ways to help yourself to strive for Jannah is in the month of Ramadan. By creating positive habits and focusing on your relationship with Allah, you can use this month as a vehicle for positive change for the rest of the year. Ramadan helps us recharge and gives us a greater sense of clarity and direction.

What is Jannah Islam?

Jannah is Paradise, where those who have been good go. It is described in the Qur’an as “gardens of pleasure” (Qur’an 31:8). Muslims believe they get to Paradise by living religiously, asking Allah for forgiveness and showing good actions in their life.

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