Frequent question: What does an abomination to God mean?

What is an abomination to God?

An abomination in English is that which is exceptionally loathsome, hateful, sinful, wicked, or vile. …

What is an example of an abomination?

abomination Add to list Share. The noun abomination means a thing or action that is vile, vicious or terrible. For example, if you see a neighbor kick an old blind dog that’s done nothing wrong, you might remark, “That kind of cruelty is an abomination!”

What does it mean when something is an abomination?

1 : something regarded with disgust or hatred : something abominable considered war an abomination. 2 : extreme disgust and hatred : loathing a crime regarded with abomination.

What is the Greek meaning of abomination?

φρικτός {adj. m} abominable (also: terrible, horrendous)

What is the difference between hate and abomination?

As nouns the difference between hatred and abomination

is that hatred is strong aversion; intense dislike; hateful regard; an affection of the mind awakened by something regarded as unpleasant, harmful or evil while abomination is an abominable act; a disgusting vice; a despicable habit .

What is a sentence for abomination?

Examples of Abomination in a sentence. 1. The marketing team thought the new ad to be an abomination and worked hard to come up with one they didn’t hate. 2. People outside of the temple did things that the Lord hated, one woman making herself an abomination in his sight.

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What is a snivel mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to run at the nose. 2 : to snuff mucus up the nose audibly : snuffle. 3 : to cry or whine with snuffling. 4 : to speak or act in a whining, sniffling, tearful, or weakly emotional manner.

What is the synonym of abomination?

abominationnoun. Synonyms: abhorrence, loathsomeness, disgust, odiousness, loathing, detestation, aversion. abominationnoun. The feeling of extreme disgust and hatred; abhorrence; detestation; loathing.

What’s the opposite of abomination?

abomination. Antonyms: love, affection, desire, enjoyment, longing, acquisition, gratification, blessing, treat, delight, benefit. Synonyms: loathing, detestation, hatred, abhorrence, plague, nuisance, evil, annoyance, infliction, curse.