Frequent question: Are Kerala Christians Syrian?

Where did Syrian Christians in Kerala come from?

Among those early conversions were several Namboodiri Brahmin families, from whom many of the present-day Syrian Christians trace their roots. As legend has it, the upper caste Brahmins of Palur were converted after a miracle, whereby Mar Thoma (Saint Thomas) suspended water in midair as a testimony of his faith.

When did Syrian Christians come to Kerala?

RELIGION. Whatever its origins, the Syrian Christian community was well established in Kerala by the 6th century ad. It is thus the oldest among the various Indian Christian groups found in the sub-continent.

Why did Christianity spread in Kerala?

One of the prime reasons that helped Christianity to cast its influence on the socio-cultural scenario of the state was the foreign trade, to which Kerala’s long coastline played host from time immemorial.

Who were the first to come to Kerala?

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to establish a stronghold in Kerala. This was later followed by the Dutch and the British. A number of battles were fought between the provincial rulers against each other and against the Portuguese. In 1524 Vasco da Gama was appointed the Portuguese Viceroy of Kerala.

How many Orthodox are there in Kerala?

There are three Christian churches in India follows Oriental Orthodox tradition. All of them are based primarily in the state of Kerala. They are: Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, an autocephalous Oriental Orthodox Church based in Kerala.

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When did Christianity come to Kerala?

According to tradition, Thomas the Apostle came to Muziris on the Kerala coast in AD 52 which is in present-day Pattanam, Kerala. The Cochin Jews are known to have existed in Kerala in the 1st century AD, and it was possible for an Aramaic-speaking Jew, such as St. Thomas from Galilee, to make a trip to Kerala then.