Does the Orthodox Church believe in saints?

Does the Orthodox Church pray to saints?

Intercession of the Saints is a Christian doctrine held by the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Catholic churches. The practice of praying through saints can be found in Christian writings from the 3rd century onward.

Who are the Orthodox saints?

List of Eastern Orthodox saints

Saint Died Feast (NS)
Basil the Blessed 1552 or 1557 15 August
Basil of Ostrog 1671 12 May
The Venerable Bede 735 27 May
Benedict of Aniane 747 12 February

Does the Orthodox Church canonize saints?

canonization, official act of a Christian communion—mainly the Roman Catholic Church but also the Eastern Orthodox Church—declaring one of its deceased members worthy of public cult and entering his or her name in the canon, or authorized list, of that communion’s recognized saints.

Who was the first saint Orthodox?

She was canonized as the first Russian saint of the Orthodox Church and is the patron saint of widows and converts. Olga was the widow of Igor I, prince of Kiev, who was assassinated in 945 by his subjects while attempting to extort excessive tribute.

Do Protestants have saints?

The original Protestant movement did discard the Catholic tradition of worshiping the saints. This comes from two beliefs. The first belief, and the strongest, is that Protestants believe in a direct connection with God. No priest or saint needs to intervene or intercede with the Holy One.

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What are the name of nine saints?

The Nine Saints were a group of missionaries who were important in the initial growth of Christianity in what is now Ethiopia during the late 5th century. Their names were Abba Aftse, Abba Alef, Abba Aragawi, Abba Garima, Abba Guba, Abba Liqanos, Abba Pantelewon, Abba Sehma, and Abba Yem’ata.

How many Serbian saints are there?

There are 78 “slavas” in Serbia, and the most celebrated is the one in honor of Saint Nicholas on December 19th – “Nikoljdan” (about half of the population in Serbia celebrate this “slava”).