Can you pray to get your ex back?

How do I pray for my ex?

God, give me the strength to let go and pursue love again. Give me the compassion to move on from what’s been lost and follow in your ways. And please, bless this man I loved and watch over him, too. We may have gone our separate ways, but I still thank you for putting him in my life.

Can I ask God to restore a relationship?

God does not give up on people, and neither should we. A famous quote does, after all, say: “If God could restore us back to himself, he can restore any relationship back to us.” … The answer is “yes”, he could definitely have people build a new temple, but he didn’t want to because he is a God of restoration.

How can you make your ex want you back?

How I Got Him Back – 4 Ways to Make Your Ex Want You Again

  1. Heal Your Ego So That You Feel More Attractive Again. Even though breakups can be ‘mutual’ they’re generally initiated by one person only. …
  2. Get a Grip On Your Desperation. …
  3. Realize That He Still Wants You. …
  4. Remove the Barriers to Get Him to Chase You Again.
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Is it OK to pray for your ex?

As Christians, we know that the Bible tells us to pray in all situations and to never stop praying. But continuing to pray for an ex partner with fervor could be damaging if it is preventing you from effectively moving on.

How do you pray for someone you love back?

He is my soul mate, and that is why I am turning to you to make him come back. Thank you, God, for the love that we experienced. I love you and will continue praising you. I am grateful for everything, and all I am asking is that you bring my true love back, Amen.

Does God bring couples back together?

Yes. But one day she found out from her teacher that she should pray for God to bring her daddy back. “A certain percent of couples do get back together. … Every one of God’s followers should take time out of their day to go into a quiet, isolated area where they can speak to God.

Is it possible to restore a relationship?

While you have every right to feel hurt and angry, there should be a desire to work on the relationship. “Trust can never be restored until the person whose trust was broken allows their partner a chance to earn it back,” Kraushaar affirms.

How do you know God doesn’t want you in life?

Here are 7 signs God is telling you to end that relationship:

  1. The relationship is against God’s word. …
  2. The person encourages you to disobey God. …
  3. You have no control when you’re with them. …
  4. You are being treated poorly. …
  5. The person is more important to you than God. …
  6. The relationship has become toxic and overbearing.
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