Best answer: Who translated the Bible in India?

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Who published Bible in India?

India has the world’s second-highest number of languages (780), after Papua New Guinea (839). The first known translation of any Christian Scripture in an Indian language was done to Konknni in 1667 AD by Ignacio Arcamone, an Italian Jesuit.

Who brought the first Bible in India?

300 Years Ago, India’s Very First Bible Was Translated Into Tamil By A German Missionary. Over three hundred years ago on January 3, 1714, the first Indian Bible was translated by a German missionary to Tamil.

Who translated the Bible into Hindi?

Presbyterian Samuel H. Kellogg who taught at the seminary in Allahabad headed three translators working on translation of the Old Testament into Hindi, including William Hooper, of the Church Missionary Society, and Joseph Arthur Lambert. Kellogg’s Hindi Grammar (1876, 1893) is still consulted today.

Where is the Bible printed in India?

The Central Office of the Bible Society of India is located in Bangalore city in the state of Karnataka in South India.

When was the first Bible printed in India?

A look at what the first Indian Bible, printed 300 years ago in January 1714, specifically achieved, and the chain of events it unwittingly sparked off. The front page of the Bible in Tamil printed in 1714.

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Who is credited with bringing Christianity to India?

Thomas, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus and the man largely credited with bringing Christianity to India through the Malabar coast in 52 AD.

How was the Bible originally translated?

Parts of the Bible were first translated from the Latin Vulgate into Old English by a few monks and scholars. Such translations were generally in the form of prose or as interlinear glosses (literal translations above the Latin words). Very few complete translations existed during that time.

What is the original translation of the Bible?

Greek Septuagint

The Septuagint (LXX), the very first translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek, later became the accepted text of the Old Testament in the Christian church and the basis of its canon.