Best answer: Is Soul split a protection prayer?

What does soul split do?

Heals the player by 10% of the damage dealt, and lowers the enemy’s prayer by 1 point for every 66 (45 legacy) damage. Soul Split is an overhead Ancient Curse which requires level 92 Prayer to use. As with all Ancient Curses, it also requires the completion of The Temple at Senntisten quest.

Is Soul Split worth it?

Absolutely prayer, soul split is invaluable, although you definitely need 95 Prayer to make it worthwhile. You don’t need brews except for Yakamaru. They are nice to have in some places, especially if you’re trying to kill Araxxor efficiently (heal to full health without losing adrenaline for phase 4).

What do you pray at QBD?

It is highly recommended to have 96 Herblore for access to overloads and super antifire potions – and 92 or 95 Prayer for Soul Split and the combat curses Turmoil, Anguish, and Torment. As the QBD has an extremely high defence level, these, along with level 90 weaponry are highly recommended for the best accuracy.

How do you effectively use soul split?

Experienced players can essentially use Soul Split as an alternative to food, even at bosses. An effective way of using this curse is by flicking it in combination with Deflect Melee, Deflect Magic, or Deflect Missiles.

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Is Soul split a protection prayer?

With soul split you heal for 20% of damage you do while protection prayers block 40% of damage done. Protection prayers do block more but with turmoil a person with soul split will do more damage then someone with piety and will heal more.

Is Soul Split worth it Reddit?

Imo soulsplit(ss) is totally worth it because it helps to last longer in bosses, slay tasks, etc. One of the best prayers by far. For maximun benefit i’d suggest to lvl pray up to 95 at some point as ss+ turmoil is a pretty decent combo to have unlocked.

Is 95 prayer worth it rs3?

Its definitely worth it, but its ALOT of quests. It’s not worth it once the EoC kicks in. Currently turmoil is approximately a 1-2 percent increase in your stats. The only prayer worth getting is soul split (92 prayer).

Is amulet of souls worth it rs3?

Amulet of souls increases souls split healing and also improves your protection prayers (60% reduction instead of 50%) – it’s very good. It’s pricey at 75m though which is a consideration. Amulet of souls should be your best amulet pick until you can afford the crazy EOF ammies.

What is QBD weak to?

The QBD has no weakness, so use the highest level spell you have available regardless of its element.