“Learn to quiet your mind” by Temet Nosce (re-blogged)

A wonderful post with an invitation to quiet our minds, particularly at this time of information overload. Let us take a mental break!

kevin kinge

Photo by Kristinaon Unsplash

If your goal is to achieve a quiet mind, you should first find out what causes a noisy mind. According to the stoics, a noisy mind is caused by desire and aversion in regards to things beyond our control. Epictetus advised to unconditionally accept anything beyond our control and to see good in every situation regardless of how life has been or will turn out with no need to ruminate and worry. We should fully embrace what comes at us, experience and learn from it.

“Remember you should behave in life as at a dinner party, if anything is brought out to you, put out your hand and take your share with moderation. If it passes, don’t stop it. If it doesn’t come, don’t stretch your desire towards it, but wait till it reaches you.” Grayling A

This is a useful reminder to embrace whatever…

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