Poems: “Not by Chance” by Didis Art Design (re-blogged)

Beautifully profound!!! ❤

Didi's Art Design



There are more stars in the whole universe
Than grains of sand on all the beaches of the world
Is it then by chance that you are here
That your being is dressed in self-awareness?

This consciousness is one and the same
In each of us separately felt
Nothing is by chance
Consciousness is not a matter created by chance

We are all one and the same
Experience us differently
Separated in time and space
Fragments, waves of the great ocean

Illusion divides us
Although we are all one
Never have been really split
A dream we all dream

When all awake, we are back home – in Oneness
As the source of all sunbeams is the sun…

DidiArtist, 22.04.2020


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  1. Fantastic poem by Didi. He is always the best with his poems and I loved the ending. We are all awake and back home in our Oneness just like the source who is in all of us.

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    1. Indeed my dear Kamal! He always brings aspects of our oneness to his poems, and his graphics are amazing 🙂 Thank you!!! ❤ Have a lovely week-end! ❤

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      1. Yes Amira I love his graphics and his poems are awesome. Welcome and you too have a lovely weekend.

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