A quote from John Berger on “our presence is multiform”…


According to whether we are in the same place or separated one from the other, I know you twice. There are two of you. When you are away, you are nevertheless present for me. This presence is multiform: it consists of countless images, passages, meanings, things known, landmarks, yet the whole remains marked by your absence, in that it is diffuse. It is as if your person becomes a place, your contours horizons. I live in you then like living in a country. You are everywhere.

β€”John Berger
And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos

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  1. True words of wisdom and reality, Amira. We are everywhere and in everything and in every form. If we could God in each and every human being then what is there to know.

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    1. That is the highest truth dear friend, God is in everything, and everyone… how can we hurt anyone if we realize this truth…<3


      1. Yes how can we cause we will see him in every tiny being too. Cannot think of hurting anyone.😊😊😊😊

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