Quote: “Judge Not Today” by Deepak Chopra


Judgment creates turbulence in our mind. When there is turbulence in our mind, then it interferes with the creativity of our soul. Creativity and judgment don’t go together.

Judgment also means that letting go of the need to classify things, to call them either right or wrong, to label, to define, to describe, to evaluate, to analyze.

Let go, today. Judge not today. Today I will practice non-judgment.

This affirmation is about releasing the need to be judgmental. Just make this your lesson today. Consider what happens when you judge someone – it makes another person wrong.

Someone else is wrong to feel a certain way, to look a certain way, to hold certain opinions.

Judgment immediately creates separation. Any person who is wrong then becomes ‘them’. The need to judge arises from the need to be isolated – this is the ego’s form of defense. But at the same time you are pulling away from your true self. The same walls that keep other people away also shut off the flow of Spirit.
When you learn not to judge, you are basically saying, “I am willing to let anything in without deciding first whether it is good or bad.”

In the practice of openness, you will be inviting your soul to be intimate with you.

So put your attention in your heart right now, and just repeat to yourself:

Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
And by letting go of my judgments today, I will experience silence in my mind.
By shedding the burden of judgment today, I will experience silence in my mind.
And in this silence, I will find the ecstatic impulse, which is also the evolutionary impulse of the universe.
And I will align myself with the ecstatic evolutionary impulse of the universe, by letting go of all my judgments.
Today, I will not classify
I will not label
I will not define
I will not describe
I will not evaluate
I will not analyze.
Today, I will shed the burden of judgment.

Deepak Chopra

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  1. Profound and inspiring post from Deepak Chopra, Amira. Judging anyone is totally bad for our progression. Deepak Chopra too is a wonderful spiritual man and I have listened to so many of his talks. Awesome post.

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    1. Thank you dear Kamal! I am so glad to hear that we also share the enjoyment from his teachings 🙂 I have also watched many of his talks and read his books. Dear Kamal, do you have GAIA tv? Is a stream television which you can subscribe to online. There there are many talks from our favorite teachers and authors, spiritual movies, yoga. qigong and taichi classes, topics from wholesome food preparation to quantum physics, and many programs made by people like Nassim, Deepak, etc. Sometimes they offer a free month subscription to try it out. 🙂

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      1. No no I do not have GAIA TV. Let me see whether I can go and subscribe it Online. Yes I would love to see all these spiritual movies, talks, yoga and all that you have said on one platform. Let me see if I can download. Thank you so much Amira. We both share the profound teachings of all these wonderful people.

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        1. Yes, try to see if you can get a free month option to test it out and see if you like it. They usually have offers like that. Good luck! If not, let me know, I can share 3 free 24 hours links per month with friends. 🙂

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          1. K for sure will do that and let you know. Thanks Amira. Happy day 🌹❤️🌸🌻🌻

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  2. LindaP says:

    Wonderful words of wisdom, but sometimes hard to put into practice!

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    1. So very true Linda! That is why, we can only try “one day at a time” and then start again…even after we fall off the tracks. At least we start to become more aware.

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  3. True, Judging, limits the many possibilities of expression.

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    1. 🙏 Thank you Damodar! Yes, it’s something that seems to happen so often even without our awareness, like we are constantly assessing, evaluating, labeling the world around us..

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  4. this was a deep and beautiful read-I have been trying this for the last year. I am not always successful but how liberating to live without judgement. thank you love Michele

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    1. What a wonderful practice Michele, and as you said how liberating it is! It demands quite a bit of mindfulness, but it can become such a good habit to develop! 🙂 Thank you for your visit and comment! ❤

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