SPIRITUAL POEMS: “In the realm of the passing away” by Stephen Levine



In the realm of the passing away…


This is the realm of the passing away. All that
exists does not for long.
Whatever comes into this world never stops sliding
toward the edge of eternity.
Form arises from formlessness and passes back,
arising and dissolving in a few dance steps between
creation and destruction.
We are born passing away.
Seedlings and deadfall all face forward.
Earthworms eat what remains.
We sing not for that which dies but for that which
never dies.

by Stephen Levine

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US (1937 – 2016)

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  1. Superb and profound words of who we really are by Stephen. Loved the picture of the person who is born from dust and goes to dust.

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    1. Indeed dear Kamal! We are made of star dust, and to dust we return, the body and the material world are impermanent, let us not be attached to it, and instead focus on the Soul, and that which is eternal! 🙂 ❤


      1. Yes let us not be attached to this body that is our temple though but concentrate on our soul which is eternal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. yes you are right dear Kamal, the body is the temple of the soul, and we have to care and nurture it, keep it balanced and as healthy as we can, but no forgetting our soul’s nourishment each day 🙂 Always love your valuable contributions! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. The True Advaitic conception. The Ultimate vision. I really appreciate your choice of material. Its a great source of encouragement. Thanks

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    1. Thank you and likewise, thank you for your encouraging comments. I have much to learn…(perhaps the learning never ends?)
      but I like what you meant with the Advaitic conception.
      At least I think I understand, that it means the oneness, our union between our lower and higher self, when we can achieve that higher perspective of non-duality and feel at “onement” with all that is?

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      1. Yes precisely. The Vedic texts, hint towards the reality of “Oneness”. This Oneness is not artificially imposed on the mind. When spiritual practice is sincerely undertaken, this Oneness is “SEEN” as the only reality. Today there is much theory in all this. But Reality gushes forth, if we undertake the discipline of Truth in our lives. Even relative Truth is vital. If we are to get our senses and mind to express and accept, their relative experience of Truth, without lying, one shall get close to the “SEEING” of oneness in everything in and around us. Thanks for your kind words.

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        1. Thank you for this beautiful explanation Damodar! 🙏 Yes, much is written about this so we can conceptualize it with our minds. The closest glimpses I’ve ever had of feeling this profound sense of connection and a sense of awe to the point of tears, have been moments spent in contemplation in nature. I know that these could be a lengthy topic but i wonder what other practical steps could we take to increase these experiences?…Once again thank you kindly for sharing your wisdom!

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          1. Yes indeed. When deeper realizations sink into us from the infinite, we can even break-down and sob inconsolably for hours. This is when we realize Grace, which cannot be compared to anything material, to say the least. The realizations and feelings flood our consciousness, as the mighty deluge floods a small room and makes it one with the water. This is an experience, that will always fall short of words.Thanks for your kind comments

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          2. Oh wow! I agree that these experiences fall short of words to describe them, however, you made a beautiful poem right there explaining it… 🙏 Thank you!
            Yes, it’s pure Grace!!!

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          3. Thanks for your kind words

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          4. You are most welcome! 🙂

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