“Mother Earth” by Kinge from Temet Nosce (re-blogged)

A wonderful post to increase our awareness of our responsibility as children of Mother Earth!

kevin kinge

We are one with earth and not separate from it. It took me a while to get around this statement, understand it, and live it. I can imagine you are now struggling with it. No?

Over the years, we have been furthering the disconnect. Between us- the people and the environment around us. Working very hard to forget about our oneness. Blinded by worldly distractions. We often think we live separate from the earth. Many then go a further step to misuse resources and pollute earth without a care that we need it to exist.

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” Barbara Ward

There have been countless campaigns about saving and conserving the environment. And there will be many more warnings of imminent dangers caused by our actions. Potential ice melt in the poles, thinning…

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