Animal Poems: “Whimsical whiskers” from earth sky air (re-blogged)

Love, love, love it! Nothing like our animal companions to teach us about joy (among many other lessons) 🙂 ❤

earth sky air

whimsical whiskers
mercurial moods

intent observation
eyes unwavering

tail a’switching
ready to pounce

slithering sneaking
hiding leaping

playful rolls
laughing jokes

reveling in touch
eager affection

curled in sleep
lost to dreams

beautiful soul
amazing friend 

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  1. Beautiful soul and an amazing friend. What a relaxed and beautiful picture intently watching what is going about. Lovely poem, Amira.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! Yes, these are the friends that teach us unconditional love. Nancy wrote this poem, I would imagine this must be her beautiful kitty 🙂


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