The moon came to me last night
With a sweet question.

She said,
“The sun has been my faithful lover
For millions of years.
Whenever I offer my body to him
Brilliant light pours from his heart.
Thousands then notice my happiness
And delight in pointing
toward my beauty.

Is it true that our destiny
Is to turn into Light

And I replied,
“Dear moon,
Now that your love is maturing,
We need to sit together
Close like this more often

So I might instruct you
How to become
Who you


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  1. True words of bliss, Amira and from none other than the great Hafiz.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! Yes, I love the great lessons he taught in poems! ❤


      1. Welcome Amira. Great people who we can learn so much from.

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        1. I agree! What a blessing and what a legacy they left for us! ❤


          1. True Amira. Take care and stay safe dear.


  2. LindaP says:

    beautiful !

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    1. Thank you Linda! 🙂 ❤


  3. So many Sufi teachings and concepts in such a short poem. Wow. It’s a very nice translation, too! I wonder, Amira, have you read Attar’s Conference of the Birds? Just, I have a feeling you’d really enjoy it, if so

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    1. …and I should explicitly thank you for taking time and energy to share all these beautiful poems with us. It’s always a great uplifting experience to browse your page

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      1. You made my day Ellias with your kind comment! So glad you enjoy the poems and find them uplifting! 🙏 🙂

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    2. Thank you so much Ellias for your comment. I do agree that Hafiz is a great Mystic and he is able to teach so much through his poetry!
      I specially appreciate that you are able to asses if the translation does justice to his poetry. I am also very grateful for your beautiful suggestion of Attar’s book, which I had not read, and as soon as I saw your comment I started a search for it and found a pdf version! So I am looking forward to enjoying this reading! 🙂 🙏 Many thanks for your beautiful suggestion!


      1. Happy to read your response, Amira. Enjoy the read!!

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        1. Thank you so much Ellias! So far, it’s really beautiful poetry and very profound 🙂


          1. Superb! If you haven’t got to it already, wait for the twist. Also, it’s generally a bit like this Hafez poem in that it’s layer upon layer of poetic genius and wisdom. Might have to go back to it myself, now! 😁

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          2. I agree with you about the poetic genius, it’s really beautifully written and mesmerizing, I did not get to the twist yet, I was busy the last couple of days so I will return to my reading on the week-end! I can’t wait!!! You might enjoy re-reading it too 🙂

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