A personal letter from Neale Donald Walsch


My companions of the Journey…

We’re hearing enough at every turn about all that is going “wrong” in our world today, so we don’t need another summary from me. But what I would like to offer is a small suggestion on one way we might all deal, from an emotional point of view, with what’s happening.

I’m seeing that it’s important to stay aligned with our true nature, and not allow the day’s events to rob us of ourselves. What this looks like for me is to create a space for that to happen. I mean this in two ways: a physical space and a metaphysical space. What I’m suggesting is that we create some separation, both mentally and physically, between our Inner Selves — where the truth of us lies — and the part of us that is interacting with the outside world.

For me, it’s important that each morning I begin my day by writing. This has been, for the past 25 years, the best method I have found with which to stay in touch with the deepest part of my understanding, the gentlest part of my being, and the most peaceful part of my mind.

Each of us has our own way of connecting with that aspect of ourselves. For some of us, it’s simply a matter of stepping outside and reconnecting with some aspect of nature that is hopefully close at hand. For others of us, it’s a quiet moment that we give ourselves at the kitchen table looking out the window and enjoying a cup of coffee. Some of us may simply take an extra-long shower, or stay in bed an extra 20 minutes, totally awake and luxuriating in the knowing that we do not have to jump up just in that moment to get on with the day — just being there, with nowhere to go, nothing you have to do or say, and no particular way you have to “be” for anybody else. In these moments, allow yourself to feel a quiet sense of gratitude. Thankfulness to God and to life for the sweet knowing of your True Identity.

Whatever you use as your process, be sure to have one — and to create one if you do not already have one. Seek daily to get in touch with the part of yourself that has nothing to do with the exterior environment, or the events arising there. Connect with the eternal part of yourself and disconnect from the endlessly incoming data and all the stories in your mind that follow, most of which you are making up.

Then, as you move through your day, do whatever you can to help another to stay aligned with themselves as well. Remind them of who they really are. You can do this with something as simple as a gentle smile or one or two kind words. It’s your presence that will be their presents. You may not be able to change your entire world in one day, but you can change your entire day in one moment such as the ones I’ve just described. Give it a try. These days and times, it’s about whatever works to bring, and to place, more peace, harmony, and joy into the world.

Blesséd be.


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  1. Anita Bowden says:

    This is such an important post for each of us to consider! I’ve actually been thinking about something similar for the past few days, so your post provided validation to my thoughts. Thank you for this synchronicity! 😊❤️

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    1. Oh thank you so much dear Anita! I am so glad to hear about this synchronicity. I think that there is so much going on outside that is hard sometimes to disconnect, but what a difference it makes when we follow these simple steps… we can truly regain our inner peace. Your emails always have the same effect on me! ❤ 🙏

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  2. This post from Neale is what we need to do everyday of our lives to live peacefully and in harmony with our thoughts and the way we live. Profound post, Amira so inspiring.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! 🙏 Yes, I agree, I felt the same way when I read it. It does not take much when we make a conscious effort to disconnect from the craziness around us, and spend some time in quietude reconnected with our inner spiritual peace. ❤ 🙂


      1. Completely agree with your words Amira. You are always welcome dear ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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  3. LindaP says:

    With all this craziness in the world I have to step outside to my sanctuary each morning or I think I would go crazy!!!

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    1. I agree with you Linda, sometimes it can be overwhelming and truly unbelievable what goes on in the world…Thank goodness for our oasis of nature to restore our peace! ❤


  4. I totally agree and have been practicing this. Love to all and as always thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. Thank you dear Michele! I noticed you have a beautiful habit of sitting with your cup of coffee at your writing table by the window, getting inspired from your surrounding beautiful nature. This is a wonderful daily contemplative practice to begin each day centered. I truly enjoy following the inspiration of your blog! ❤

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      1. you are so right. Thank you so much=I love mornings! I hope your mornings are happy. love Michele

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        1. Thank you so much! Yes, when we get to see nature all around us, in all it’s different moods, it’s always inspiring!!! Have a wonderful summer! ❤ Love, Amira ❤

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  5. Trina Graves says:

    Wonderful words of wisdom from Neale, thank you for sharing Amira. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much dear Trina! So nice to see your beautiful smile again! You were missed 🙂 ❤

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