A quote from Swami Dhyan Giten from: “When the Drop becomes the Ocean”


“When a person experiences the divine, he can no longer condemn anyone. Love becomes natural to him, because he starts seeing godliness in everybody.

The person that has entered the inner temple of the heart of all living beings truly sees.
To experience godliness one has to recognize that which is hidden deep in the inner temple of the heart. The divine is hidden deep within yourself.

Godliness is the original source within everybody. Godliness is the ultimate mystery. Godliness is the universal self. It is the ultimate limit of existence.
Godliness is everywhere. Everything in the world is a reflection of the divine.

To recognize the divine is the ultimate wisdom, the ultimate truth.”

Swami Dhyan Giten, When the Drop becomes the Ocean


You are not a drop in the ocean.You are the entire ocean in a drop ...

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  1. Divine and words of wisdom by Swami Dhyen Giten. Rumi said it all. The day we realize that we are not the body but we are Pure conscious being, is the time the Drop that we always thought ourselves to be swallows the Ocean and we know we are the Oversoul.

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    1. So true dear Kamal! So many of our actions and thoughts are all about our limited view we have of the world… we identify ourselves with our flesh coats, and our egos, and build a virtual world around them, disconnected to the spiritual truth… ❤

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      1. Yes and go on playing this game age after age till we realize who we really are. The door that we open to start our journey is the same door that we go to once we realize our real selves.

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  2. LindaP says:

    Great post Amira!

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