MYSTICAL POEMS: “Connected to the stars” by Amira (“Conectada/o a las estrellas”)


“Connected to the stars”

When was the last time

You looked at the skies

And let new perspectives and expansion

Come to your minds?


When did you last feel

Your childhood passion

To take flight with your imagination

And soar beyond the daily wheel?


There is an inner wisdom

That calls you to the Stars

Beyond the solar system

Beyond the daily tasks


So, set time for introspection

And regain your sense of wonder

Transcend your mind’s ruminations

And allow your Soul its freedom


Nourish the inner fire

Beyond your ceaseless chatter, your reason,

Allow your sense of awe and deep desire

To flow and reach the Cosmic space


Let the Great Peace soothe you, and feel its embrace

Awaken to the sounds beyond the Silence

Feel your interconnection and oneness

Follow your inner guidance


“As above so below, as within so without”

Like our atoms, so the stars glow

Fractals within fractals,

Of energy, vibration, and light


Macrocosms and microcosms are reflections

All immersed in the same essence

All functioning in absolute perfection

Our bodies, our cells, our souls, and the stars luminescence


Feel the profound calmness

And Universal Love

That unites everything in Oneness

With infinite Wisdom below and above


You are made of stardust and stellar light

You are a child of the Universe

You are a cell of the Great Cosmos

You are connected to the Stars!



Conectada/o a las estrellas



Cuando fue la ultima vez

Que miraste a los cielos

Y dejaste que nuevas perspectivas y expansión

  visitaran a tu mente?


¿Cuándo sentiste por última vez

Tu pasión infantil

Tomar vuelo con tu imaginación

Y volar más allá de la rueda diaria?


Hay una sabiduría interior

que te llama a las estrellas

Más allá del sistema solar

Más allá de las tareas diarias.


Entonces, dedica  tiempo para la introspección

Y recupera tu sentido de maravilla

Trasciende las reflexiones de tu mente

Y permite a tu alma su libertad


Alimenta el fuego interior

Más allá de tu charla incesante o tu razón

Permite tu sensación de asombro y profundo deseo

Para fluir y alcanzar el espacio cósmico


Deja que la Gran Paz te calme y siente su abrazo

Despierta a los sonidos más allá del silencio

Siente tu interconexión y unidad

Sigue tu guía interior


“Como es arriba es abajo, como es adentro es afuera”

Al igual que nuestros átomos, las estrellas brillan

Fractales dentro de fractales,

De energía, vibración y luz


Macrocosmos y microcosmos son reflejos

Todos inmersos en la misma esencia.

Todo funcionando en absoluta perfección.

Nuestros cuerpos, nuestras células, nuestras almas y la luminiscencia de las estrellas.


Siente la profunda calma

Y amor universal

que une todo en la gran Unidad

Con sabiduría infinita abajo y arriba


Estás hecho de polvo de estrellas y luz estelar

Eres un hijo del universo

Eres una célula del gran cosmos

¡Estás conectado a las estrellas!



18 Comments Add yours

  1. Profound and such a beautiful poem, Amira. We are all connected to the stars and moon and the whole galaxy. We have all this in us. The day we drop our body nothing exists for us. Awesome picture too.

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    1. Thank you for your comment dear Kamal! Yes, we are all interconnected in Oneness, One Source, one essence 🙂


      1. You are always welcome dear Amira.

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  2. Anita Bowden says:

    This is such a beautiful, cosmic and profound poem, dear Amira! One is drawn in, and feels their connection to everything! Well done!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Anita for your comment! 🙏 It was inspired by the dream I had, and dreams are hard to put into words LOL!

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      1. Anita Bowden says:

        Well, you did it beautifully! ❤

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        1. 🙏 Thank you so much Anita! ❤

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  3. Nearly every day, I think that we are all connected, that we are stardust in the vast deep universe – the stars let my heart sing in remembrance of my childhood when I was still a baby of 2 years and watched something without having words, but this deep look into the nightsky is anchored deep in my heart – to feel eternity, to feel that oneness, this deep silence of glittering and sparkling stars – this feeling is overwhelming it infuses in me a kind of indescribable tranquillity as if I am sitting under the umbrella of God’s Grace and Mercy. The stars speak to me in an inaudible way – the language of the heart and now while I am writing it, my tears are running, because I breathe the beauty of such wonderful connection.

    Thank you so much, dear Amira
    Back to the stars, back to our real Home…

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    1. Oh dear Didi! You brought tears to my eyes with your beautiful experience… it must have had such an impact in you as an infant to remember such an experience, even without having had the words to describe it, you were so deeply touched by their majestic presence. What a profound experience which truly speaks of that spiritual connection we have to our cosmos, to God and all the beauty of creation. Thank you for sharing your heart here and touching everyone’s heart, because as you said the its the language of the heart that speaks of truth and beauty, oneness and love. Thank you so much for this beautiful share! Much love and light, in Oneness, Amira ❤

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      1. Thank you very much, my dear Amira 🙂
        Ocean is never apart from its drops, is always one without time and space – it is the star of eternity that touches us when deeply looking into the nightsky being absorbed in infinity, embraced in God’s arms…

        Now I have just written a poem to express my feelings, what I once felt when I was in Kirpal Sagar, also an unforgettable experience: You are the first I share with:

        When eternity touches you

        In deep silence
        A space opens up
        Feels like a dream
        It pulls you out of your body
        And you understand:
        I am not body

        In deep silence
        My spirit leaves this world
        Moves upwards
        Into a new world
        Where God composes life
        Let me live as a music note

        In deep silence
        Awakened from a dream
        In a new dimension
        Where eternity is my home
        Love hugs me
        Touched by light and bliss

        In deep silence
        Gently kidnapped
        Into divine music
        I present to you
        My God, my heart
        Give back what is yours

        Rise in divine light and sound…

        DidiArtis, 01.06.2020

        Much love and light
        In Oneness

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        1. Oh wow! This is pure spiritual ecstasy! A most beautiful poem of an experience of remembering… who we truly are!!! Returning to the Ocean of Light and Love, at “Onement” with God! Thank you so much for this gift dear Didi, to share this beautiful gem of inspiration with me 🙏 🙏 🙏 Much love and light back to you as well! ❤

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          1. Welcome, dear Amira 🙂
            This experience lies hidden in all of us.
            Sending you love and light, dear friend 🙂

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      2. By the way, not only your poem is wonderful also the pic I like very much 🙂
        Thank you, my dear friend Amira 🙂

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        1. Thank you so much dear friend! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. LindaP says:

    Such a beautiful and heart felt poem!

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    1. Thank you so much Linda!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Trina Graves says:

    Oh WOW Amira! So powerfully, penetrating to the heart of wisdom. I’m in awe of your words and the beautful picture that depicts them perfectly. Bless you for sharing your Love and Light with us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Trina! That means a lot to me! I am happy to hear it had such a positive impact. It was actually inspired by a very strange dream I had. I will have to email you the little I remember about it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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