A quote by Andreas Weber on “A scientific perspective on the intelligence of plants”


The plant that directs its growth tendency to the light does not understand the arithmetic of wavelengths; it simply perceives light as good in the form of a positive affection. […] Today’s botanists have used ingenious experiments to confirm the subjectivity of plants. [They] observed that identical plant clones — multiple vegetative twins whose DNA sequences are identical to the letter — behave differently, even though room temperature and substrate moisture are the same. They are clones, but their bodies unfold into individual shapes. They individually choose between different options […]. Every sprout has its own preferences. Each is an individual, not simply an automaton carrying out a genetic blueprint.
Intelligence, according to the meaning of the Latin verb intelligere, means to be in between, to be able to choose. It signifies the ability to make a decision, and hence the judgment of a distinct self for whom a choice means something — survival, growth, flourishing. In this sense intelligence and life are one and the same thing.

—Andreas Weber
The Biology of Wonder: Aliveness, Feeling and the Metamorphosis of Science

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  1. Awesome 👍👍👍 and so very informative article, Amira.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! ❤ So glad to hear you enjoyed it!


      1. Welcome dear Amira and yes very nice 👌👌👌

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  2. LindaP says:

    Interesting post Amira!


    1. Thank you Linda! There seems to be so much beauty and intelligence in all of Nature, everything points to a magnificent Creator! ❤


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