Spirituality from daily Word “Protected” (Espiritualidad de la Palabra Diaria “Protección”)



I feel God’s protecting presence.


I feel deep peace and security because I know God is always with me. I call to mind these words from James Dillet Freeman’s “Prayer for Protection”: “The power of God protects me; the presence of God watches over me.”

While the path of life is a winding one with curves impossible to see beyond, my faith is strong. And even though I cannot predict the experiences that lie ahead, I am assured that wherever I am, God is. Calling upon divine protection is a prayerful practice that interrupts a cycle of fearful thoughts and realigns my energy.

As I pursue the adventures ahead, I intend to live fully and with the belief that I am never alone. I affirm this prayer for my loved ones as well, knowing they, too, are surrounded by the light and power of divine protection.

Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman (1941).  This is the entire original prayer. We, at Unity recite the Light, the Love, the Power and the Presence lines at every service. ~: )

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Siento la presencia protectora de Dios.


Siento paz profunda, porque sé que Dios siempre está conmigo. Recuerdo las palabras de la Oración de Protección: “El poder de Dios me protege; la presencia de Dios vela por mí”. Aunque el sendero de la vida tenga altibajos y las curvas impidan que vea lo que está ante mí, mi fe es fuerte.

No puedo predecir experiencias futuras, mas estoy seguro de que dondequiera que esté, Dios estará conmigo. Afirmar la protección divina es una práctica espiritual que detiene el ciclo de pensamientos temerosos y realinea mi energía.

Según voy en pos de experiencias hermosas, mi intención es vivir plenamente. También afirmo esta oración por mis seres queridos, reconociendo que ellos están rodeados de la luz y el poder de la protección divina.


Oración de Protección | Oraciones, Oracion de proteccion, Luz de dios

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  1. LindaP says:

    Having faith in God’s protection will give you peace beyond all understanding! This is how I have gotten through all the ups and downs that life can bring! Wonderful reading Amira.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so true… I have felt that protection more than once, despite having been in dangerous situations. ❤ I am glad you enjoyed this post and the peace of mind that comes with divine protection. ❤


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