“Spiritual vegan” by Holistica2be (re-blogged)

A very inspirational post Susana! Mindfulness in all we do…. ❀


Spiritual vegan

When we realize that we are spiritual beings, enters into our awareness the worlds of energy/spirit, and the frames of wholeness/eternity/inter-connectivity. All our livings/doings start to happen out of this awakened perspective. Eating is no exception. From a spiritual perspective, eating is more than just ingesting food and food is much more than just organic fuel biomass for the body. Eating turns into a sacred, conscious act where the energy of the food feeds our soul/energy/vibration. It is said that men is what he eats. Not only the quality of the food is important, as our thoughts and state are also relevant when preparing and eating those foods. With spiritual awakening, consciousness permeates all acts concerning food: origin, acquisition, preparation, and consumption. That is why a plant-based diet often follows spiritual awakening. We start to choose our foods out of an awakened, holistic perspective that will naturally bring…

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  1. Thanks, for sharing, my dear friend Amira

    …and eating vegetables and plants is living food, instead of eating meat that is dead food – in this case we bring life into our thoughts. Another thing is that eating vegetabels and plants reduces the karmic effects and reactions, animals have a higher load of consequences concerning karma. Life follows life and death follows death…

    Sending love and light to you, dear friend πŸ™‚

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    1. So true dear Didi! And that is not even mentioning the immense animal suffering in factory farming from the day animals are born…We know animals suffer pain and are sentient loving beings, when we get so see some films goes on in factory farming they are scenes from hell! And the consequences to the environment, the pollution and water consumption, and the risk of contamination… aside from the massive amounts of antibiotics and hormones we can get through the meat products…

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      1. Indeed, my dear Amira – animals feel the same pain as we do, they have fear as we have and nevertheless there are so many people they just ignore it and do not even know that they passively kill those animals too in eating them. I hope that some day people get more consciousness and are aware of their own doings…

        Thank you, my friend πŸ™‚
        All good wishes to you and yours

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        1. Yes, most people don’t realize the tremendous suffering behind the scenes on a daily basis, and do not connect how as consumers they have the power to chose other healthier products that cause no harm to animals or the environment. Thank you dear friend for your welcome contribution on this subject! In Oneness, Amira ❀

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          1. Welcome, dear Amira πŸ™‚
            In Oneness

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    2. Much love and light back to you as well dear friend! ❀

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