MYSTICAL POEMS: “Cosmic Breathing” by Mystic Meandering


“Cosmic Breathing”



Sitting in the Silence of the Inner Landscape,

I suddenly realize the Cosmic Breath of Infinity
is slowly breathing this body –
breathing in… breathing out…

Held in the pause between breaths –
I recognize that “I” am being breathed
by an unheard Rhythm…

From the Inner Window,
at the edge of Infinity
I see beyond this world,
into the formless void,
beyond moon and stars,
into the Infinite Cosmic Ocean
that holds it all…

Aware of what is aware within:
Life – breathing ITSelf…

Every Breath is the Primordial Breath
rippling through space…

Be Silent

Entrain with the Cosmic Rhythm
that is breathing you…

Slow down and breathe
the Infinite Breath –
that whispers…

All will be infinitely well…

Mystic Meandering
April 12, 2020


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