Spirituality from Daily Word: “JOY” (Espiritualidad de la Palabra Diaria: “Gozo”)



My heart overflows with joy.

Joy is more than the expression of happiness. Happiness is a result of being joyful. Joy is an inner quality, always available to me, no matter my circumstances. Even in a time of sorrow, I reach within and find the joy that is part of my very nature to overcome a feeling of loss or sadness. I acknowledge my feelings, then go deeper into my mind and heart to connect with my joy.

I take time to find the beauty and love that touch my heart. I feel joyful watching a puppy’s playfulness or a toddler’s exploration. My heart overflows with joy as I witness the love between a couple or a parent and child. Encountering selfless expressions of giving or viewing beautiful scenery fill my heart. All of this is possible because joy is already within me, waiting to flow out in my own loving expressions.


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Mi corazón rebosa de alegría.

El gozo es más que una expresión de felicidad. La felicidad es el resultado de ser gozoso. El gozo es una cualidad interna, siempre disponible para mí, sin importar mis circunstancias. Incluso en tiempos de pena, acudo a mi interior y encuentro la alegría que es parte de mi naturaleza.

Para superar un sentimiento de pérdida o tristeza, reconozco mis sentimientos. Entonces, voy más profundamente a mi mente y corazón para conectar con mi gozo.

Tomo tiempo para percibir la belleza y el amor. Mi corazón se enternece al presenciar el afecto entre una pareja o una madre y su hijo. Cuando veo expresiones sinceras de bondad, mi corazón rebosa de gozo. Esto es posible porque el gozo ya está en mí, esperando fluir mediante mis propias expresiones afables.


Publicado con permiso de Unity @ http://www.unityenlinea.org/dailyword

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  1. Such a darling little baby, Amira and to see the joy on her face melts my heart and I think sometimes hope I could go back to my childhood and be the joyous and happy child that I was. Such a pleasant and joyous post. Loved every word of it. Stay joyous and happy.

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    1. What a beautiful comment dear Kamal! Well, they say that time and space don’t really exist, but rather they are states of consciousness… so I guess childhood is just a memory away… and we can bring that memory to the present moment, and feel like a child again! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Yes, yes for sure Amira and we can do so but so much garbage have we collected that our mind does not allow us to go back to our childhood. Taking God’s hand and knowing who we really are is the time we will realize what our childhood is all about. We can definitely try our level best to crush our Egos that do not allow us to know our joyous state. Thank you so much dear Amira. Stay safe and take care.

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        1. That is true dear Kamal! We certainly do need to “unlearn” a lot of things that our minds and egos have assumed as true… so we can return to a pure state. Much love back to you ❤


          1. I completely agree with you Amira.

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  2. LindaP says:

    What a joyful picture! Wonderful poem as well.

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    1. Thank you so much Linda! I hope it brought a smile to your face 🙂 ❤


  3. Trina Graves says:

    Beautiful picture and words. Being able to appreciate the joys of simple things in life is such a blessing, and our greatest teachers are babies, children and animals. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh you got me there Trina! Those are the pictures i always tend to pick, they are truly the most joyful and wise teachers who inspire us without words! Thank you for your comment dear Trina! ❤

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