Poems: “Ode to this moment” by Pablo Neruda


“Ode to the moment”

This moment

as smooth

as a board,

and fresh,

this hour,

this day

as clean

as an untouched glass

–not a single


from the past:

we touch the moment

with our fingers,

we cut it

to size,

we direct

its blooming.

It’s living,

it’s alive:

it brings nothing from yesterday that can’t be redeemed,

nothing from the lost past.

—Pablo Neruda

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  1. It is ever present like precious pearls and there is no past, tomorrow nor future. Everything in the NOW. Awesome poetry so well composed.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal for your beautiful poetic comment!🙏


      1. You are welcome always dear Amira.

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