POEMS: “IF” by Janice Salois

Heart-AlchemyBenjavisa/Getty Images : “Heart Alchemy”


If only if would disappear,

I’d live in the now.

Be present – right here.

If only if did not exist,

I’d quit rewriting the past

with a twist.

If only if would go away,

I’d stop regretting things

I can’t  unsay.

If only if would loosen it’s  grip

I would not make

that future trip.

If only if  would just depart ,

I’d live each day  with an

open heart.

If only if would leave my ear

I’d live my life

Free from fear.

If if and I had never met,

I’d be able to forgive

then blessedly forget.

If only if would disappear,

I’d live in the now.

Be present- right here!

by Janice Salois


Posted with permission from Unity at Daily word @ http://www.dailyword.com/





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  1. Margaret says:

    Beautiful poem Anjali & love the image at the top.
    Take care ❤️🙏

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  2. Margaret says:

    Have uploaded Getty images app, what is the name of the image please Amira (sorry for wrong name earlier, name of fellow blogger)

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    1. I don’t know the name but you can get the image from “Benjavisa/Getty Images” 🙂 ❤

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  3. Wow and only IF we could just forget these two words and be in the Now and enjoy our lives. Awesome poem by Janice, Amira. Too good.

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    1. Thank you dear Kamal! Yes, we need to enjoy more the precious gifts of each moment… 🙂 ❤


      1. Yes for sure Amira. Welcome dear.

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  4. Margaret says:

    Thanks Amira,
    Have looked through various sections & can’t find it. Closed the app as I have recently opened a few on my I phone. I am going to have a go at painting the image, thanks for the prompt 🙏❤️

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    1. I found the name of it, it’s called “heart alchemy” 🙂

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      1. Margaret says:

        Thank you so much Amira, will pursue. ❤️🙏


      2. Margaret says:

        Thanks Amira,
        Didn’t find that one but another relevant to my blog, watch out!!


  5. Wonderful poem! 💙


    1. Thank you! So glad to hear you enjoyed it 🙂

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  6. It is really inspiring because sometimes we truly need to question ourselves what we really want in our lives. Some daily routine? Or maybe just a bit more then that? People are just too stuck in the past and the future and therefore often forget, how it is to live just “now”.

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    1. so very true… and miss so many precious moments that never come back, so we should not take fro granted the gift of NOW, that’s why the call it the “present” 🙂 ❤ Amira

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  7. LindaP says:

    Wonderful poem!

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  8. Margaret says:

    Reblogged this on On a wing and a prayer and commented:
    Received this lovely post from Amira recently & the image in particular drew me to it. I thought the image would be perfect for a new front page for my blog. On further enquiry with Amira she gave me the link which contained so many amazing pictures. During my search I found an alternative & perhaps more meaningful image.
    Word press happiness engineer was more than helpful in sorting me out (distinguishing between image & icon etc etc).
    I do hope my update hasn’t caused any confusion.
    Thanks again Amira .
    Thanks for reading & happy Easter to you & yours.
    Take care & keep well.


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