“Oneness in Troubled Times” (re-blogged)


“Oneness in Troubled Times”

We are living in a tumultuous time.  The result is a low vibration, increasing tension, self-reflectionfears, and hardships.  As we mature in life, through our spiritual growth we learn its not about controlling what we experience, but how we respond to the experience.  Today we find ourselves being forced to spend time simply with ourselves.  For many this is a troubling prospect, what do I do with all my time, the boredom plays with our unruly minds.  Many have finally been given the opportunity to spend much of their daily lives in self reflection, meditation and personal growth.  Yet so many struggle with a purpose for all this free time.  During times of trouble societies through history have collectively pulled their resources, banned together and stood against whatever may have been the onenesscause of their troubles.  Today the troubles we face causes us to find ourselves much stronger collectively if we separate individually, quite contrary to human history.  This doesn’t have to mean loneliness, actually the opposite  “oneness”, when focused upon is much stronger when one has time to self reflect.   These times too will pass,  and humanity will either have grown in love, compassion and oneness or fear and despair will have taken over.  We each have a decision to make for ourselves, but yet each of our individual decisions will create the reality we all collectively will live in.


Oneness with nature, grounding,  is a perfect method to observe our response to our current experience.  Take a deep breath feel the air of all that lives, filling your lungs, your body, your heart and mind.  See the beauty in the bird that chirps, the rain that drops,  the wind that blows.  Take the time to feel the oneness with all around you, close your eyes and let your inner senses take over.  Find your own way of connecting with nature through your intentions, plant your seeds see them grow.  Feel the veins of mother earth run below your feet,  and the energy of all infinity swirling around you,  through you, oneness with your own. The troubling world around us can only consume us if we allow it.  Together we stand strong and united when we ground our spiritual being in love and oneness.

With love,



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  1. Anita Bowden says:

    Such a beautiful and important post, Amira! ❤

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    1. Thank you Anita! 🙏 ❤

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  2. Inspiring and profound post, Amira and I completely agree 100% with what you have said. We all have to work together for a better world free of selfishness. We in our material madness and selfishness have destroyed nature and everything around with no love for animals and humans too. Just few people wanting to make money and in return destroying our beautiful God given World. I would say God is showing us a pinch of what he can do and we have to all bend down on our knees and accept what we have done. He knows and all will soon pass the moment we become selfless.

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    1. Thank you dear Kamal for your thoughts and your passion. 🙏 I also feel that way when I see how our planet has been changing, losing the forests, oceans polluted, animals in extinction…and yet this virus has made us stop…. in a matter of a few weeks the canals in Venice are crystal clear and the waters are transparent as they have not been in years as the boats have stopped…now there are fish visible through the water and even dolphins have been spotted swimming for the first time…. and now that planes and cars have slowed down, pictures from above the earth are showing pollution dissipating! There is hope for our planet to heal if we all become mindful of the consequences of our thoughtless actions and change our ways…

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      1. Welcome dear Amira for your valuable words and I completely agree with them. Yes many countries have started growing up with blooming nature and we feeling so happy and joyful. All will go according to his help.😊😊😊😊😊👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  3. You have a beautiful blog and always have wonderful posts. That is is why I followed you. I wish you peace.

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    1. Thank you so much dear friend! I am so touched by your kindness. You are also an amazing poet and have a very uplifting blog. I am slowly catching up with my reading once again 🙂

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  4. LindaP says:

    Wonderful post Amira!

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  5. kinge says:

    Very well put. Reading the last parsghragh was as calming as the words. Grounding, connecting with nature and travelling within wakes the true self and brings inner peace.


    1. Thank you so much for your visit and your beautiful comment Kinge. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Peace Profound! Amira ❤

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