SUFI POEMS: “Every word of every tongue” by Fakhruddin Iraqi


Every word of every tongue – Fakhruddin Iraqi


Every word of every tongue is
telling a story to her own ears.
Every thought in every mind,
She whispers a secret to her own Self.
Every vision in every eye,
She shows her beauty to her own sight.
Every smile on her face,
She reveals her own joy for herself to enjoy.

Love courses through everything,
no, Love is everything.
How can you say, there is no love,
when nothing but Love exists?

All that you see has appeared because of Love.
All shines from Love,
All pulses from Love,
All flows from Love –
No, once again, all IS Love!

Fakhruddin Iraqi

Sufi Poet


via Poetry Chaikhana

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  1. Excellent poem by Fakruddin Iraqi, Amira and there is Nothing But Love and Love all the Way. Lovely flowers all in their pinkish colours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal for your beautiful comment! ā¤


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