SPIRITUAL POEMS: “The Nameless” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


“The Nameless”

Unnumbered gods may unremembered die;
A thousand creeds may perish and pass by;
Yet do I lift mine eyes to ONE on high.

Unnamed be HE from whom creation came;
There is no word whereby to speak His name
But petty men have mouthed it into shame.

I lift mine eyes, and with a river’s force
My love’s full tide goes sweeping on its course
To that supreme and all-embracing Source.

Then back through all those thirsting channels roll
The mighty billows of the Over Soul.
And I am He, the portion and the Whole.

As little streams before the flood tide flee,
As rivers vanish to become the sea,
The I exists no more, for I AM HE.

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Poems of Progress and New Thought Pastels by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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  1. Yes I AM, He when the veil of illusion is lifted u realize that the whole drop swallows the ocean. Awesome 👍 👍👍 we r nameless, formless and changeless.


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