POEMS: “Blossom of A Thousand Petals” by Margaret Jang


Blossom of A Thousand Petals

You are like an exquisite blossom,
with talents ready to unfold.
You have a thousand petals,
unfurling to gently behold.

Each petal has a story,
whispering in your ear.
Amazing in its wisdom,
that you can finally hear.

The blossom is quite special,
for it won’t wilt or die.
It draws upon energy,
from the universe beyond the sky.

It shows much strength and beauty,
in a calm and peaceful way.
Each petal joins together,
in a lovely, unique display.

Pressing softly to your heart,
feel the love it gives.
When a thousand times magnified,
it will show you how to live.

And when you feel the blossom,
connect joyfully with your soul.
You’ll realize its thousand petals,
teach lessons how to be whole.

by Margaret Jang


Posted with permission from the author

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