“Tune into universal Divine pace” by Susana @ Holistica2be (re-blogged)

Beautiful!!! Thank you Susana! As you said in our fast paced modern society we truly need to connect more than ever to the Divine Pace! ❤


Tune into universal divine pace

In mists of high fast pace of modern society, it’s easy to loose our center and awareness. When we tune into the pace of the Universe, which is divinely timed, we feel as if we had returned to our natural state of being (actually we are!), experiencing calmness, centeredness and fulfillment. Everything flows easily and smoothly in our life, as if life itself is blessing our way. All seems to be as it should accordingly to the original Divine intention of the Universe.

Trusting in time as a great ally in life, comes from a deep understanding that we are all becoming. Transformation is an ongoing process, inherent to the flow of life. All things/beings have their own pace and all is unfolding on the right time. The universal Divine time is the pace of meaningful creation, which naturally encloses a trade-off between manifestation and waiting. The unfolding of all…

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