MYSTICAL POEMS: “Primordial Pool of Silence” by Mystic Meandering


Primordial Pool of Silence…


Days unfold like rushing waterfalls.
Nights I welcome the silence;
just sitting, just being,
the flow of the day to come to the edge
and gently fall away…

A smooth, sliding movement
finding its own rhythm empties out
the eddies of life…

Letting go of trying,
trying to make sense of life;
trying to make something happen.

Just deeply resting…

Just falling off the edge,
into the still pool
of Primordial Silence…

Mentations slip away;
the mind finally resting…

Feeling the gentle, rhythmic
movement of Silence envelope my being,
I fall into its soft crevice,
into the folds of deep Stillness,
the softness of just Being…

The Natural State…

Mystic Meandering


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