MYSTIC POEMS: “The embrace” by Mystic Meandering


Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Embrace…

Everything is held in the Embrace of the Luminous Unmanifest…


This Eternal Embrace is
a dynamic stillness of Being
that holds everything as it is;
a holding space for everything to just Be…


We are held in this space of Divine Embrace –
a Vastness that just is…


There is only ever Embrace –
a deep compassionate Embrace for all life,
for all that is – as it is…

The Divine embracing Itself in every¬†expression of Itself…


Everything is suspended
in this ubiquitous Presence of Life Itself…

Rest in This…

And when we emerge from our rest,
we realize that we ARE the Embrace –
embracing Itself.

We ARE fluidly and interchangeably the Embrace –

Divine Intimacy…

Sweet Serenity…

Notes from my journal – 2009

by Mystic Meandering

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