A quote by Neale Donald Walsch on “living rightly”


You will benefit enormously if you simply strive
to be a good person. Strive to live rightly.

This will not always be easy. It will require real work,

real dedication, real commitment to the Journey of Your Soul.

Yet in the end, I trust in God that it will be so very

worth it, for the reward is Self Realization.

To know the Self as Who You Really Are is the goal

and the opportunity of each lifetime. To expand your

definition of that is the invitation.

I admire and deeply respect and salute you.

by Neale Donald Walsch

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  1. Thanks, dear Amira 🙂

    Meister Sant Kirpal Singh Ji said:
    “Be good, Do good, And be One” – especially the last is of utmost importance to understand that we all are one, one in the ONE, one in Him.

    Our purpose of life: To discover who we really are by solving the riddle of life and death.
    In this connection: First comes Self-realisation, then comes God-realisation.

    All the best, my friend 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much dear Didi! True words of wisdom by Master Kirpal Singh, it’s a mantra to keep in our minds, and guide us always to right action and especially as you said in our path to self-realization and God-realization in Oneness.
      Much love and light dear friend!
      In Oneness, Amira

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      1. Thank you, dear Amira 🙂
        May God bless you and yours, my friend
        In Oneness

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  2. True wisdom from Neale and we need to strive to live rightly and in the end it will give us good results. Lovely picture too, Amira.


    1. Thank you dear Kamal! Yes, so true, and each night we can go to sleep peacefully knowing we did the best we could each day 🙂 ❤

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      1. Yes for sure and Neale is so good with his motivation. Welcome so much dear Amira.

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  3. thank you for kind and meaningful posts. Each one is healing.

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    1. Oh! That’s the nicest thing to say dear Michele! Thank you so kindly for your comment, you made my day! ❤

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