A short excerpt from Alberto Villoldo: “See beauty everywhere” (from the book “The heart of the Shaman”)


“See beauty everywhere”

“This is the second giveaway because hardly anyone sees beauty for more than a fleeting instant. We are all searching for the beautiful but we are conditioned  to see ugliness, to be fascinated by the bad news, to get sucked into someone else’s drama, to become gossips and pessimists.

Point out beauty to everyone. Let someone else explain why it will not last, why it i sure to fade away with age, why it is not as important as that mess just over there.

Let people believe that you are naive, hat you are not in touch with reality, or that you do not watch the news.

When you practice beauty, you have time in your life, because beauty takes you into timeless. Beauty requires stillness, pausing, stopping in your tracks at the sight of the new blossom in the almond tree or by the cactus flower that only blooms for one night.”

Alberto Villoldo

From the book “The heart of the Shaman”

Thanks dear Anita for this book!

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  1. Yes to appreciate beauty it requires us to relax and pause and enjoy anything of beauty. Lovely and true words said, Amira.

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    1. So true dear friend! We need to make the time…. ❤

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      1. Yes absolutely, Amira in order to know what beauty actually is.

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  2. Anita Bowden says:

    Such an important point, dear Amira! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! ❤

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    1. Thanks to you dear Anita!!! This is truly a wondeerful book full of wisdom!
      Much love, Amira ❤

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